About Us

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Why Choose Us?

If you are still reconsidering your decision to choose us as your go for this service in Kolkata, allow us to highlight some of our exclusive features that you would not get anywhere else. We are always looking for loyal customers and clients, and we make sure that they keep coming back to us.

We have an excellent track record in Ajay Escort Service when it comes to maintaining our goodwill and trust in our clients. These two form the basic philosophy of our services – Trust and Goodwill. We provide smart and educated escorts for our clients, and the whole interaction process is very simple and elegant.

Our Services

If you are looking for a quick and fun evening with one of our beautiful and talented Kolkata escorts, then you are in the perfect place. Our services at Ajay Escort Service are absolutely flawless, and we are certain that our clients love it.
If you are up for a little bit of extra fun, then this is the go to service for you. You get ample time to enjoy the company of our lovely Kolkata female escorts and have fun with them.
This is our most exclusive service and it is also the most fun one to choose. You have the whole night to yourself and our accommodation services are quite good for your needs among all escort services Kolkata.
This exclusive service from Ajay Escort Service is yet another offer on the table for those who want to have some extra fun outdoors. It is available in all major metropolitan cities for our clients.

Our Main Features

  • 100% Genuine
  • Best Client Satisfaction
  • Spot Payment
  • Complimentary Dinner
  • Secure Accomordation
  • Pick and Drop Facility